My design experience started when I was a child. I was born in Vietnam after the war. Money was scarce, but there were plenty of scrap materials lying around throughout the city streets. Popular toys and games in the U.S. were completely unavailable. As a result, I utilized my creativity and resources to construct and make my own toys. I utilize the resources I found around me. I used resources including stone, scrap metal, wood and bamboo around me to construct my own toys and games to play with other children. This is how I discovered my interest in design. Using inventive ways to create functional things, I gained understanding and learned to apply my knowledge to make the most of what I had. These priceless childhood experiences instill in me the interest in design, especially the interest of exploring the possibility in the use of different materials to create objects.
My experience in life has created in me a curiosity and passion for created things. My mission and hope is to share what I have learned through my works. I want to create objects and environments that not only accommodate people, but are functional, and something to ponder and enjoy. I want to design environments where people like to congregate, work, live, and play. My goal is not only to design functional things; it is to share this excitement with people.


Alan Quan